The summer of work

uff the summer has begun. In a city like Karachi the months of March and April are hotter than the peak months of June/July. Today the temperature was recorded to be around 42C which is some sort of a record in the past decade.

The electricity situation is a pain in the ass by itself. a 10 hour load-shedding on the heat stricken people seems like another curse on the people. An easy choice is to stay at office as you get saved by power outages and have ACs running in the halls to keep the temperature to a moderate level.

But office! Just the thought of this word is causing me to shiver. It has been a hectic span of two months thus far at work and my job duration has gone upto 12 hours a day. the software system that our department was implementing has reached its final stages and everybody is forced to push hard to its limits to make things work. Added work has caused added stress and yesterday was one such day when i saw two people breaking down due to stressful schedules. One was none other than my manager who kept his head buried in his palms for a few minutes then started to get up but *splat*. All i heard was the noise and then mayhem. we rushed him to a hospital but he seemed to have a black-out due to stress (no problem with cardiac system was observed).

I myself is taking the toll directly and its gonna get tougher as more and more of my modules will be tested directly. Since I have worked on a ‘make-or-break’ module of the system, i am gonna get lots of finger pointing and sarcastic laughs…. and eventually my name will be heard among the power corridors of this organization (though not in the way i want it to be heard). Just this thought make me go nervous.

This nervousness makes me do stupid things…. first thing is to show less interest in work (more worries, lesser work), and i have noticed a sense of irritation towards my own team members and an losing temper a few times… THIS IS NOT GOOD! CERTAINLY NOT GOOD AT ALL! So, what should I do? Switch jobs? they would call me coward or a quitter… but i dont give a shit about being called a coward or quitter as long as I am happy, right? but no! I dont seem to find much job openings lately and those which are open are now closed either due to my excessive demands or me fcuking up the job interviews….

ah, i gotta bear with it as long as i could! and in the mean time i should devise a way to beat this frustration by indulging in ‘healthy’ activities. and they include:

  • Took membership of a local swimming pool where i will go and splash around thrice a week.
  • Decided to cherish all the time i get at work and i am gonna watch a movie (or an episode of a TV show) daily.
  • Will limit the time i spend on the internet and other addictive social media sites which make me go insane.
  • Try out new products which are labeled ‘Ready to cook’ or ‘already cooked’.

Although i never thought i would be that easy to break, but only the time will tell….. Lets see who wins, Me or frustration. So far the game is against me.

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