A break i am forced to take

11:10 PM.

Returned from work almost an hour back.

Checked my emails, cursed my life, then checked my facebook page to get more frustrated….

then *bling*

I suddenly knew why i have been feeling sad lately, its the excessive use of facebook.

This social world has become my the driving force of my life… In my opinion, one should do something in real life too rather than boasting in front of the world how many three-legged-hens i saved or how many movies did i name correctly. Secondly, i just hate people having fun in their lives and then posting their endeavors on facebook… Grrrrrr! So, concentrating on myself was the best idea i could get.

Just like this thought came to my mind, the solution came to me as well: “I should control my facebook usage”

These social networking sites are no means an alternative to what you are in reality… if these are becoming a distraction from true life, it is time to take a break. Nothing is an alternative to a long phone chat with your most amazing pal of old times or a fun-filled night out of bowling with friends. We have gotten so dependent on social networking that we dont know if a friend’s dad died unless that friend posted it on facebook to collect sympathies. Similarly, if you disappeared from these social sites for long, initially people will show their concern whether you are alive or not, then they will forget you and move on….

So, I ‘Dictator Johnny’ hereby command my ‘man self’ to shun the usage of facebook for a week.

Sensing the end, i commented here n there to my heart’s content and then drafted a message to be posted on the wall:

a little break is all i need right now to set things straight (read: Quietly mur**r my enemies).
So no more status updates for a little while, may be for a week or maybe a little longer ….. but will surely be here to reply to your wall posts or to tagged items which i deem necessary to comment.
Catch up with me on twitter or via blog or via email if you are missing me too much

With that, i sighed and closed my browser window.

The test of self-control begins!


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