Phattu Sala….

“Maybe all we can hope to do is end up with the right regrets.”

Opportunities bring their respective dilemmas.

I face one of those dilemmas now a days. Since my past blog posts might have explained pretty clearly that how my work has gotten onto my nerves and i was planning a sweet escape from it…. So, on one weak moment, i sent out my resumes to various employers, and it seems like one of them was looking for somebody just like me.

So, an interview call came, i went for it as if nothing is gonna happen out of it, but something did came out of it… and that something was called ‘an offer’.

Now, I have an offer from a wonderful company… and a turmoil in my head whether should i accept it or not… and how do i proceed with the news which might come as my current employer has also some plans for me.

The decision- if there ever was- has already been taken and i will go for that offer.

The question is how do i ever muster up courage to inform my two managers…..

I know, its gonna be a regretful decisions, but someday i gotta take it… so why not now?

But i gotta be brave enough and approach him for what i have decided…. and eventually be man enough to suffer the consequences.

Tomorrow, is a big day!

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