Liberty of the nuts

Azadi: “The feeling your balls get when you take off your underwear” –Anonymous.

Today is the Yaum-e-Azadi of Pakistan. And for a nation that is no better than a bunch of nuts, 14th of August is a remembrance for a day that occurred 63 years ago when these nuts were suddenly liberated from the tight shackle of the underwear of colonial rule.

This nut nation has since then taken every advantage of being wild and free. But a nut will always remain a nut and by that i mean it will always remain dangling down someone else’s crotch.

Today while passing in front of mazar-e-quaid, I noticed it was a festival there…. lots of school children were seen in the green fields of the premises reminded me of their own lack of freedom on a day that is being celebrated in the name of freedom. Those kids were denied a holiday and were forced to be present by their respective schools despite the fact that this is the goddamn liberty day. Poor kids, they think that painting their face with national colors will mean that they are on the top of the world and perhaps yelling national slogans on the top of their voice still means that they have become invincible, but a harsher reality awaits and this reality will reveal itself as you grow up then you will realize that despite being born ‘free’, how much imprisoned you are.

When I was a kid, we were kept under the delusion that our forefathers were superheroes who fought hard under the dynamic leadership of the greatest-leader-ever. However no one ever bothered to tell us where did this ‘two-nation-theory’ (the very essence of Pakistan’s existence) go wrong.

I simply have no other comment on this day but i will let them enjoy their nut-liberty for there aren’t much left for them.

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Sailab, Mehngai, Target Killing, Ghurbat, Bomb Blasts, Military Operations, Load Shedding aur Terrorist Activities se bach jane walay bhookay nangay sisakte Pakistanion ko Lado Marka Sabun ki taraf se Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak….

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