and I await thee… my beloved

Its one typical ramadan day, and yours truly is in his cubicle… acting all stoned. Bloodshot eyes, crumpled, stiff hair.

This guy looks at me, comes by and jokingly asks: “What roza is this?”

”7th…”, I replied, confused at the question.

“Looking at you, it looks like 25th”, He laughed.

“Why?”, I still wasnt getting it.

“You are sitting so quietly, blankly staring at the screen as if a major part of you is missing”, He explained.

“Oh yeah, the Devil!.”, I switched back to my joker self. “He has gone on an imprisonment, leaving me behind….suffering”.

“Isn’t that good?”, He asked, and walked off.


“Could be, Could be not…”, I murmured and started to think… think in the devilish, pessimist way i always do.

“What if the myth about one’s devilish part being imprisoned is true? if yes, wouldn’t one (one like me) be feeling hollow during the holy month? With an integral part of one’s existence – that has evolved with us, has come to terms with our existence and has our support.. and more importantly our love – gone for a significant time, wouldn’t we be missing it? isn’t it the same feeling a partner feels when the other partner leaves for some time? with one partner gone, wouldn’t the love between the two get stronger? wouldn’t the longing to be united increase manifolds? I wonder why not.”

And then it occurred to me, that my stoned attitude was not due to fatigue, it was the sense of loneliness that had taken over me. it was the affect of the ultimate desire of being with the one you have spent a major part of your life… and now i want to wait no more.

Let the hour come when you be released of the suppressing chains… and ye shall find me waiting… with open arms….

… I await thee, my beloved.

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