RIP Steve

Yesterday, the inevitable happened. Steve Jobs lost his long battle to cancer and died.
The cyberworld literally was congested with people posting forum messages, tweets, facebook statuses about how awesome the man had been and how his inventions changed the world we live in.
I cannot deny any of these claims. Indeed, the guy was a genius and his products especially common consumer products made him this popular.
But, he may not be my hero…
He may have revolutionized the way we live by devising iPods, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks etc but still I would remember him as an inventor who designed high-tech yet high-end gadgets. My enounter with Apple products have been of deprivation. When iPod came, I was probably was just a rookie in the job market and couldn’t afford it thus i settled for a chinese music player. When iPhone was in the hands of tech enthusiasts, I still couldnt afford it because of its high price (despite the fact that i too claim to be a tech enthusiast)… then came iPads and they again were way out of my reach. For all these gadgets that determine one’s buying power, there are cheaper chinese alternatives which may have inferior quality but are within the grasp of millions.
So, after going through all these depressing experiences, the only reason for me to mourn over steve jobs’ death is because of the loss of an innovator who presented ideas… and the world followed suit.
The real mourning for me would be when the cheap chinese replicas that i use become unavailable to me and the millions of us in the third world. Till that happens, we need not mourn; for innovations will keep on happening and we will keep on reaping the affordable benefits.

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