The painful enlightenment

I opened my eyes to the murmur of a crowd. The voices were near but distant enough that i couldn’t make out a single word of it. I couldn’t recall how i got there but wherever I was, it was beautiful. The sky seemed brighter, and grass greener. Just as I was wondering where was I and how i got there, a unicorn leaped over me and onto a life-size replica of sphinx, and then it flew away…

WTF??? A UNICORN???  I couldn’t believe my eyes and pinched myself, thinking that i was still dreaming. but there it was, the unicorn flying away from me.

“Where am I? Am I Alive?”

“Heaven” came a reply from a tree.

“whoa!”, i somehow had forgotten the ability to think.

It didnt take me long enough to realize that this is “The Heaven” our ancestors talked about. the mulla in his weekly sermon talked about… and despite all my sinful activities, I had somehow managed to end up there.

“If this is Heaven?  Where are my 72 virgins?”, My eyes had finally lit-up realizing that my wildest fantasies were about to be fulfilled.

The statue of Sphinx which had been lifeless till that moment suddenly stirred and interrupted my thought process. The Sphinx spoke only once, and in a booming voice it said, "Naaa Bacha! This is Gul Khan’s Heaven, and YOU are No. 72…… and now let us all be silent again."
I heard it, but I did not understand….


until Gul Khan was unleashed.

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