Like the obedient child

Today’s most talked-about news item in Pakistani media: “The NATO Air Strike on the Pakistani Border Check post that killed 25 soldiers”

This incident, and countless prior such incidents that occur due to growing mistrust among the two countries results in quite a strong reaction among the people and they expect their representatives (and by representatives, i intend to say ‘government’) to convey this anger and grief to the invading forces. But the government stays mum.

Conspiracy Theorists are adamant that government in under agreement not to escalate the matter to any higher forum nor to retaliate, but in order to explain this silence from the Pakistani side, I would like you to ponder over an alternate point of view – The point of view that involves knowledge of local culture and religious beliefs.

Since religion has a strong impact on most of the dwellers in the country, the religion emphasizes on respecting your elders especially parents. Apart from religion, we cannot break free from our cultural values as well where parents and elders are valued and their advise is followed as if its a religious instruction. As we Pakistanis are totally dependent upon foreign aid we consider them as our parents and religion tells us not to express dissatisfaction towards your parents when you get beaten up by them.

So, staying quiet when we get attacked by foreign forces is not a sign of weakness, its a sign of respect towards our parents. We are not weak, we are just trying to be an obedient kid. After all, no body within us can point fingers at us for being religious.

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