Stanford University’s AI Class – Yes, I am there

Stanford University’s online course on Artificial Intelligence. Its one of the most talked-about news in the IT industry of the world. Apparently it is claimed that this class is probably the 2nd biggest class in the recorded history, and yours truly is a part of it since it was announced. The course is conducted by two great AI experts Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig and the online course is conducted side by side with the regular class which is conducted on campus. News sites claim that more than 35000 people appeared in the mid term exam (that means serious people). The course contents are diversified, from the ever-frustrating probability theory to logic and to robotics. Each week has two or so lectures with inline quizzes and to finish the week, you need to submit a homework assignment. Each lecture is divided into small video clip related to sub-topics (that also includes quizzes which you need to fill out on the computer screen).

Taking part in this course has been one of the rare attempts from my side to dedicate a few hours of day to educational purposes. To be frank, I am not extremely satisfied with my performance in this course. I have been struggling most of the time and have to listen to lectures more than twice to be able to figure out the assignment solutions. The results of assignments are just about passing score. The mid term was however relatively easier and i scored better than the class average (83%). But i am still hanging on and am hopeful that i might as well come out victorious… and its the final accomplishment certificate that matters.

Well, the course is not over yet, the final exam is yet to happen and i dont know what is going to happen in that. I will update this space once i get my final results.

Meanwhile, Stanford has launched a number of upcoming courses that start from next year.. and i totally want to be a part of all of them… but time constraints prohibit me. Lets hope i get a chance to appear in one or two of them.

Finally, if you ask my opinion about the course and the value it brings… i would say its totally worth it. the learning is immense, the professors are not boring and you get a chance to be a part of a totally global class. Good going Stanford!

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