ah, winters!


For us Karachiites,  a time duration comprising of three consecutive no-sweat afternoons is equivalent to spending a month in Siberia. (Ok, I have been exaggerating here)

But its good to be utilizing your blankets, jackets, cold tablets and consuming extra tea and coffee in the name of winters.

Right now, i am cuddled in my blanket on my bed, typing off while a gigantic mug of coffee steams on the side table. Dad was having peanuts while watching TV (another activity to spend a wintery evening) and on every bed, every chair in the living room you can find a shawl, a hoodie or a cap.

Winter is here…. no matter for how little time, but its here any ways.

and I am gonna leave you a wintery song… none other than one of my favorite bands…. Anathema.

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