Once upon a 2011

With a handful hours till i grab my bags and spend the next new days travelling, i would consider it the right time to hang my boots and look back at the year that we knew as 2011. The year that perhaps contributed a bit more than any other years to turn me into a bitter man that writes these lines…

In a bigger picture, most of my plans eventually met their happy endings with the exception of a few “unmentionable” glitches whose remnants might stick around for a long long time to come.

So, lets quickly wrap up a reivew of my resolutions for 2011:

1 – Buy a car:

Oh yeah! finally the wait is over. I bought a used car, and learnt to drive it… at last!
Took me a while to figure out what i needed but in the end budget constraints let me stick to an old khyber. So, plans are to use this car and get it repaired till it gets into a decent shape.

2 – Pass a Certification Exam:

This has been a good year in terms of education. This was the year i picked up books, and i passed 5 certification exams. Certified DB2 professional, MCTS. The story doesn’t end here, I was also one of the proud participant of the infamous AI-Class and eventually passed it just before the year came to an end.
Appearing in company’s own certification exams got me introduced to yet another world: the world of mentoring. After learning a relatively new technology i jumped the trainers’ bandwagon and have been conducting courses on DB2 as a part of IBM’s DB2 Academic Initiative. Three courses so far, quite a few more to come hopefully.

3 – Change my goddamn cellphone:

If i had to sum it up, i have fulfilled this wish too. I bought my much prized blackberry, but my companionship with that phone lasted merely four months. Since that devastating moment, I have never really mustered up enough courage to get a good phone. Perhaps when i move to a new city in the coming months, I might start over and things might be a bit different.

4 – Hit a Gym and get in some decent shape:

“Decent Shape”. hah! can’t believe i said it. Was I high when i wrote it? dont you all think ‘round’ is a decent shape? of course its the most stable shape you can ever get… so i am sticking to this shape.
Well, I did go to gym… but that routine is interrupted every now and then. Still i manage to attend the gym once a week and out of my current schedule i am grateful that i can do this.

5 – Feed one hungry a day (at the least)

Yes! One thing that I have been very punctual about.  Hopefully the good trend is likely to continue. 

6 – Learn something new – non techy thingy

I bought a guitar early this year and started some classes to learn it. Been around six months now and my progress is just slow (if not pathetic). I can manage to hold chords but struggling a bit in switching from one chord to other. Hopefully this will be overcome with some practice. 

7 – Spend some time with family.

I tried, but that area needs improvement. Perhaps the family might tell me how seriously i try in this area. 

8 – For the love of god, solve this Rubick cube of mine

Nah! Never even touched the damn thing.

9 – Recurring tasks

Got acquainted with new people, been a cinema goer regularly, have explored new eating places, Watched new movies, new TV shows,  explored new music genres, banged my head hard listening to heavy metal, read more books, dreamt about more $$$, kept blogging, kept tweeting…. etc 



As years pile on, the terrain gets more uneven, these legs get weaker and ambitions (mostly pending for years) seem like mountains that seem to become unachievable with every passing year until the traveler calls it a quit and bows out… that time for me has NOT arrived!  fun times await.

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