A clone of mine would have published this post with a different content

In our lives we make countless choices, for example, opting for one perfume to pour on yourself than other, choosing to have an egg or a sandwich for breakfast or even choosing to stick with someone or letting go of that person. In the long run, our existence is defined by the choices we made in the past. How many times have we not regretted our choices and wanted to turn back time to correct our mistakes but regretting over spilt milk will get you nowhere. Time moves in only one direction and this is where you should be heading.

Coming back to choices that we made in the past, Whenever we are in a situation where we have to choose one thing over the other, imagine that you are hiker standing at a fork on the road, and we have to take one branch that emerges from the fork. That branch again demands us to choose at numerous places…Where would a branch take us? we can’t know for sure as we are unable to foresee the ending and thus by choosing one branch a time, we hike through our journey of life till the traveler calls it a day and falls into an eternal sleep.

Have you ever imagined if you took a path, and ignored the other options presented to you at a given one time, a clone of you materializes from thin air and starts taking the path that you (the real you) didnt choose? whenever the-physical-you takes a path, the-clone-you takes the other path. When the-clone-you reaches another branch in the road and chooses one path, another clone appears and starts walking the path that your clone opted not to choose. So, in a short while, many clones of you (alongwith you) are walking down the road on separate paths. You (and the clones) keep on making choices and new clones appear to adopt the neglected choices. Now, what if you reach an intersection where some sub-branch of any of your neglected paths intersected the path that you are now walking, and you encounter your clone which was spawned by some clone of yours at some time in the history. The two you’s would look different from each other, would have learned different things along the way, would have met different people and yet, it would be you (but not you). and at that time, would the-real-you recognize the-clone-you? perhaps not. Your paths would intersect for a little time only and you two would continue your paths according to the intelligence and experience that the two of you have acquired till then….

I know i am not making much sense, but perhaps you may like to watch the movie ‘Mr. Nobody’ () which started this thought process for me. And perhaps you may like to drop me your piece of thoughts… and yeah, dont worry if you decide not to write a comment as some clone of you would emerge and do it anyways.

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