The #ForeverAlone Tour

while cricinfo on the adjacent browser tab displays a disappointing performance by the Pakistani batting, I have more important matters on my head. The prime one is getting my ass out of office and head to home as I have a road trip coming my way.
Three days of a long weekend + one extra day off from work makes it 4 days which i can spend on the road. Starting tonight, I will travel by bus to my old town Multan where I intend to spend a few hours wandering around, meeting relatives and then friends. Two of my friends will join me there and we will head off to the ever lively city of Lahore.
The time in Lahore will be spent wandering around the city, exploring the markets, seeing places. What we dont expect during this trip is to drag our asses in some hotel and we intend to spend the night either traveling or at some theater. Then on 25th, i will embark on my return journey (hopefully all alone on a bus).
Three months have passed this year and i have managed to spare some time to actually move around (away from my bedroom). Started the year in Islamabad while eagerly looking forward to start another journey later tonight. Hopefully there will be a few more before this year ends.
So, from the looks of it, some fun time awaits me in the next three days. Hope it turns out the way i expect it.

Catch you folks later when i get back!


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