Today marks my 8th day in the city of Lahore.

Though i have had visited this city many times in the past but they were merely limited to business meetings and overnight stay. The most memorable visit was taken with friends in march in which i had taken a road trip all the way from karachi and back.

This trip, however is of total different nature. mainly because this is no visit… this is me ‘living’ here for a full six months or so. I had it coming for quite a few months, but the trip got delayed and delayed till now.

To be honest, i had been very much looking forward to this trip, to bring some change to my routine and to explore a new city – not to mention being able to brag in front of my pals and to tick another city where I have lived. The biggest source of inspiration comes from Lahore itself, its relatively peaceful atmosphere, amazing food, and proximity to two other cities of my interest – Multan and Islamabad – which i can visit over a weekend.

So, in the next few months i intend to explore the city and the surroundings, indulge in unique desi food, make new friends and ponder over my life with a new attitude.

Lets see where it takes me.

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