The story of my life, told by the receipts of vendors

I have been so busy and engrossed in my current assignment that i tend to forget what day or date it is. Days tend to whiz past, and nights seem to fly away and yours truly tries to find solace in a new city.
Earlier in the morning, i was checking my drawers for extra papers when i stumbled upon receipts from various cafes, stores and vendors. I have been dumping my pockets in that particular drawer and nearly forgot that the contents of drawer now keeps a history.
I halted, and started reading them….
A 6″ sandwich at Subway,
A breakfast combo at CTC,
3 different receipts of Hardees (2 burgers each) .. whoa! seems like i have been taking people there,
A receipt from the chemist, tells the story that i haven’t been well
A handwritten receipt from a local laundry,
A cappuccino from Gloria Jeans,
Scratched internet recharge cards,
two half plates of biryani… must be some lunch,

I have been hanging out at interesting places, but i never had time to remember i had been living such a life. The stress related to work and life in general makes you forget all.

seems like even myself is going to recall his nearly-forgotten life by reviewing the receipts of these vendors.

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