Lahore – The story till now

Another hot sunday afternoon and I just decided to update my blog. Being away on my own on weekend, brings different thoughts to different people i normally interact with. Family thinks I am at office working my ass off, Friends (and my boss) think i am sleeping coz i had been to the red light district the whole night, I myself am under the illusion that i am partying.

Reality however, is a mixture of all (sans the red light district part), The first few weekends were spent at work, working both the saturday and sundays. This is the first one i got at my disposal and the first thing that came to my entertainment deprived head was to head to a cinema. Yesterday afternoon was spent at a nearby cinema watching MIB 3. After the movie, felt unsatisfied and bought today’s ticket for Prometheus. The two movies would make up for the deprivation of the past month or so.

Food, oh yeah! you can never be experiencing Lahore if you haven’t had the cuisine offered by the great city. The bad thing is that you only have three times a day (almost) to have food and there are sooo many places to eat. too bad we lone working folks have no chance to have breakfast, have lunch at our cubicles, and get spared late in the evening.. too tired to have fun. but good thing about leaving late in the evening is that you are starving that time and head straight to the dinner place before going home. So far, i have been to numerous places in the city that offer great food. From the traditional desi diners to classy continental places. Have tried almost all the flashy cafes’ at MM Alam road and adjoining areas, been to Butt’s Karahi (for their desi chicken karahi), The dera type hotels adjacent to Qaddafi Stadium, The food street at Anarkali, The food street on the back of Lahore fort, The paya of phajja and the numerous naan cholay places. Have re-discovered my affection to a huge variety of dairy related products that the city has to offer and don’t know what else which i can’t recall. Out of the places, i think the food street besides the fort is an amazing place for out of towners, and an absolute competitor (in its own way) to Karachi’s Port Grand. Besides eating out, my refrigerator in the room is usually stuffed with fruit, beverages, and frozen food.

One thing that i still have to learn in the city is to learn about the public transport system. Wherever I have to go, i rely on rickshaw which seems to be an expensive ride. I have yet to discover which bus routes would take me where, once this skill is learned, I will be traveling economically.

Well, thats enough of an update. Have to catch a movie in just above an hour, so I’m out.

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