Dinner for two

It was a typical Karachi summer night. the evenings and nights of Karachi are always fabulous. It gets even better when its around half-moon.

So, as i was saying It was a typical Karachi summer night and the moon was playing hide and seek with the fast drifting clouds. The breeze coming from the sea was laden with moisture but it was cool. I stretched out my legs and looked up in the sky to see the moon smiling down at me. I looked ahead and saw the flickering flame of my dinner table dancing for me. All this brought a genuine sense of happiness inside of me and i looked ahead on the table where the waiter had just served the warm caramel pudding with ice-cream placed on top. The pudding was to be shared by me and my companion for that evening. The companion, that special person, the partner in (delicious) crimes is none other than my old pal dAs – with whom i have made a silent pact of exploring the ‘fine dining’ scene of Karachi (and wherever life takes us).

So, with the moon up there, the breeze blowing into our faces, the flickering flames of the candles, the chirping of beautiful women and their male companions… and the delicious looking pudding in front of us, it was time to fulfill another silent pact… EAT LIKE PIGS!

Who gives a fuck that you are at a ‘sophisticated’ place? you eat what you like, the way you like it… pay the bill and leave till you meet again to try out some other so called fine dining outlet.


Happiness Unleashed!

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