The chat in the park – a short story

The tale of the waiting woman had reached him when he was visiting this city for a business meeting. The legend was told to him by his driver when he casually asked about the famous legends of the town. 
”There is the park, where this lone lady has been coming and waiting for someone for the past 30 years”, the driver had told him.

Half an hour later, he was there. walking a gravel pavement he approached the row of benches.

and then he saw her…

An ageing lady sitting alone on one of the benches, eyes staring far into the oblivion. A small box of grapes resting in her lap.

“I have come from afar to seek truth… Can I have a seat beside you?”, he politely asked.

The woman raised her head, looked at him, and nodded.

“So, you are the one who waits here every day?”. The question was again followed by a brief nod.

“Who is it, your missing child?”, a shake of the head was all she offered

“Some Lover?”, a little nod again confirmed his question.

“May I ask why are you waiting for someone for this long?”, silence

“I know its a personal question, sorry about me asking you this.”, he said after a few moment’s silence.

“I promised him I will wait”, It was now her turn to speak.

“Thirty years ago, He and I came here every day during our lunch break for lunch. He hated being a mail sorter and wanted to fly far and beyond. In his quest of success, he fled this town and left me waiting…”, she spoke in a raspy voice.

“How would you react if he comes back? Will you recognize him after this many years?”

“Yes. My love for him will never fade…. He will be here one day,  and we will re-live our lives as if nothing had happened”. Her voice now spoke of confidence and determination.

“Thank you, lady! I wish you meet a happy ending to your wait”, with a faint bow of the head he got up and walked back

He walked back the same gravel path that he used on his way to the park.
Looking ahead, he saw his shiny limmo parked along the curb with the chauffeur attentively standing with the door opened.

He looked down at the gravel path again… that path now looked familiar as if from a long forgotten past… a voice echoed in his head
”I will wait for you here, every day till you come back… Just promise me you will come back to me…”

As he got into his car, and the car pulled away from the curb he wondered if walking out on her three decades ago was in fact the right decision

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