I, Invisible – A short story

I downed another drink, my head was already buzzing.

There in the semi-lit corner, I could see her – the woman who had made me lose control. Oblivious to my presence, my existence, she chuckled with her latest companion.

“That Whore!”, I mumbled. If i had counted correctly, It was her sixth boyfriend in the past two months.

Night fell, a cold and rainy night. Romantic night as poets may call it. He kissed her goodbye before she entered her apartment and closed the door…

Far away, a dog howled. It was time…

He turned back upon hearing the rustle, the blade of my knife gleamed momentarily.


If I was invisible to her, then I will make her every boyfriend invisible to her.

It was an ideal night to kill my sixth victim


The dog was still howling


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