Every boom gets us closer to a modest lifestyle

When Johnny was a little child, mama used to tell him to come back home as soon as the sun sets. Johnny didn’t like getting back this early. He was a disobedient child who wanted to hang out with friends, play games and party till the break of dawn.

Fast forward two decades. Johnny lives in modern-day Karachi. where every night, bombs go off more frequently than there is electricity outage. Johnny and thousands of others like him rush home as soon as their work is finished so that they can be back home at the earliest… fate (rather a terrorist organization) has finally made him follow his parent’s advice.

Expert Analysis (Sarcasm intended):

The aforementioned terrorists are in fact nice people who have taken up the responsibility that children must follow the rules set by their parents. thus by every bomb blast, they are letting us dump our highly unapproved lifestyle, and adopt to a more modest lifestyle. after all, family’s happiness is the priceless gift a child can offer to his family.



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