Hello and Welcome to the personal website of Burhan Ahmad.

Here you can find out about the life and times of a fairly common man as he battles his way around the various major and minor challenges that life puts him into. My blog will host the recollection of good times as well as bad times that I encounter.

Since I am a IT consultant, I will try to host occasional hobby projects on this site as well (just minor stuff, nothing out of the box).

On this site, you can also find links other resources like my blogs, resumes etc.

Here are the important places that i want you to visit:

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(This contains my oldest posts. but this blog is no longer updated.)
(not as old, but it has been around for a while)
Well, I have been blogging on my life since 2005, wanna read older archives? visit these places.
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Jabeen’s Wonders Portfolio and works of an independent artist, event and wedding designer. A enthusiastic and creative person I always enjoy working with!

I would like to let you know that the views presented on this site are my own. Also, I reserve a right to delete any comment that was posted on any of my posts if it violates the policy (ahh… there is no policy, if you get offensive, you will get deleted)