Valentines Mubarak

In other news:

Valentines day was celebrated in Pakistan with religious zeal and zest amongst a storm of bullets and bomb sharpnels. People saying Happy Valentines Day to each other more frequently than they ever say Eid Mubarak … Even Fat ugly aunties on the TV under the self-righteous impression of being ‘hot’ were wearing red, and were coated in makeup like a devourable pastry… ummm niiiiiiiceeeeee – *like*

Despite enjoying watching those hot chicks and M!LFs on TV, Val’s day is yet another day to feel like total shit because you’re single. Great job fcuking hallmark! (and cadbury and toy shops)

So, again I am gonna take it out on the poor blog of mine as it “understands” me and publishes whatever i want it to publish without any protests (Be reminded that this post is bullshit and has nothing to do with my real state of mind – as the last time i didn’t write this disclaimer i got a lot of thrashing)

I dont give a damn why and how they started this valentine’s day and choosing a naked peach bottomed boy as its mascot – Don’t know who St. Valentine was and i seriously doubt if he really wanted people to indulge in orgies in his memory!

However, from Urban Dictionary, i picked these impressive definitions of Valentines day:

A stupid f**king holiday where guys have to spend from $1,000-100,000 on their wife or girlfriend, and when single people have to endure the "hey what did you get for valentines day,or HEY OH MY GODDDDDD LOOK AT THIS BRACELET JAKE BOUGHT ME OMMGGGGGG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL NOW WHAT DID YOU GET ME AND HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND %1,000,000? OH MY GODDDD I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH.


a day to make lonely people depressed and loved people possessed

While I created an imaginary kissing booth where hot babes from around the globe were gathered to get their annual priceless kiss, I drowned in a sea of sadness on a lonely sunday where the only source of entertainment was from TV and a couple of movies i watched over the course of the day. Mann this is so depressing for a lonely loser like me… Damn bi+ches… they are never to be left behind… saw quite a few of them buying flowers at a rip-off price…. grrrrrr…. I wish all you chicks get preggo today and celebrate “children’s day” on Nov, 14th with you newborn… how’s that for a ‘granted’ wish, b!tch!

Tomorrow, I am lots of losers like me will be happily celebrating the “St. Skeletor’s day” by working late!

and finally, a message to the babes out there for whom I am an invisible man….

“I will make YOU love me… B!+CH…  or atleast my gun will”

Roses are Red,
Bullets are Lead.
Take me back now,
or get shot in the head!

(Again: This whole blog post is bullshit and I dont give a shit if those babes go out or stay indoors to get screwed!)

Good night!

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Asad Malik February 15th, 2010 at 9:21 pm

finally bharas nikali :D :D

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