A month later…

On 18th of January (a little more than a month ago), I crushed the smoldering butt of the cigarette i had just smoked and let out a think puff of smoke. I didnt know that time that this would mark the my hiatus from active smoking (passive smoking not considered) or I would have cherished every single puff from that last cigarette.

What followed afterwards was a long long struggle to justify my decision to take a break… the foremost reason was the increasing allergy attacks that were turning into shortness of breath cases, Secondly, i doubted that consuming ciggy was helping me concentrate on tougher problems, and lastly the chicks were still not attracted towards me :(

The first day was tough, but i survived… the next three days were intense but then it was calm for around 10 days or so but the urge…. ahhh the urgeee stuck again on teh second week. sometimes i thought i should just give up the stubbornness and pick up that juicy smoke machine, but i qualified those little tests. But there was one place where i missed my cigarettes, and that was when i needed some company. those cigarettes had become a partner of my loneliness for quite some time. i had remembered the distance from one place to other not by miles but by cigarettes. For example, the distance from my house to the local grocery store was 1 cigarette, so was the time which was taken when the barber used to shave a person. Occasionally i go out and i mistakenly take steps towards ‘paan ka khoka’ but realize just in time to change my direction.

Khair, since that fateful day I have thus far remained faithful to my promise of staying away from cigarettes until me and a cigarette both decide that we should start our relationship again. It has been long and tempting few weeks but so far i have survived them, and hopefully i will survive the coming ones too.
Although I feel offended by calling myself a quitter, but when it comes to the word ‘cigarette quitter’, I can make an exception :)

Wish me luck!


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