WTF article of the day: ‘Rambo style assault possible to free a prisoner’

Read an article in The News today where the columnist Mr. Ansar Abbasi got high on Afghan dope and wrote that article.

Read it here first before reviewing the rest of the blog post:


Now seriously, WTF? You should share some of your dope with me, I am running out of vivid imagination both at work and in real life.

My comments that i intended to post as a response to the article were:

Utilizing my years of experience of watching hollywood movies and observing "Rambo-Style" assaults, I bet that these ‘layers’ of security that government plans to deploy won’t serve the purpose as our tulla party (and rangers) is of no match against the sheer sophistication and professionalism that US special forces exhibit. The fat-bellied dickheads are gonna fall like a dead mosquitoes even before they get a chance to switch their hands’ locations from their balls to their guns

In short, Rambo is gonna break-in under any condition.

So, my expert advice to the government of punjab is not to worry and re-deploy the additional rangers/police to the protocols of our VIPs (thats where our police and rangers belong at the first place).

I wonder why there hasn’t been many comments to that article yet. Perhaps the newspaper is now screening the shitload of comments that are now flooding in requesting Mr Abbasi to give away the contact info of his dope supplier.

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