Revolution? What Fu**ing Revolution?

Today, protesters have blocked quite a few roads of Karachi, apparently protesting against the upcoming price hike in petroleum products. Some self-proclaimed intellectuals say it is the start of the wave of revolution that has taken over quite a few countries in Middle-east and North Africa.
If i may recall, the idea of revolution is not a new one in this country. Time and time again various political leaders have been warning the masses of something called ‘inquilaab’. But their definition of revolution “It will be a revolution when their political party is elected by the people in the next elections” might not be the one which the normal people believe in. If I may ask a common man what happens in a revolution, then his answer would be along the lines of: ‘In a revolution, people come to streets, protest, followed by resistance from the police and ending up in manslaughter, damage to public property etc.’. well, if this is what a revolution is all about, then we tend to experience such revolution on nearly daily basis. Hence, we are the most revolutionary nation in the whole world… Perhaps the direct descendants of Che.
Analysts here tend to argue that worsening economy will cause an uprising against the regime and hence it will be the poor man’s revolution. However, Trotsky once said that if poverty was the cause of revolutions, there would be revolutions all the time as most people in the world were poor.
In my opinion, we are still not capable of a revolution because we lack the vision (goal) that brings a revolution. Every individual in this country who is able to think has a different goal in mind. Even if they tend to agree on a unified objective, they will always be too scared to come out, not because of the fear of aerial bombing but because of the fear of self-righteous revolutionary amongst them who presses the button on his suicide vest.
So, if somebody says ‘Inquilaab aye ga’, then they are probably suffering from constipation and refer to inquilaab as the tiniest drop of poop that might emerge out of their ass after hours of pushing.

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