When an empty wallet stares back at you

Well, its the 15th of the month and I look to my wallet to discover that i have nearly run out of money.
Around 10 days back, i withdrew enough amount that i thought would last me the whole month, but here we see that its still half a month remaining and yours truly is thinking about paying another visit to the ATM.
I understand its originally an estimation fault about my expenses but the estimate being so screwed up is beyond my level of intelligence (since i do make a mental note of my spending, but seems like just maintaining mental notes won’t suffice)
Perhaps putting more money in my wallet than i usually keep made me overconfident and arrogant and i started spending money on totally useless shit.

From this experience, i made a check-list that i need to follow so that i dont run into this situation again.

1 – Don’t keep all the money in the wallet. Either withdraw from ATM periodically or withdraw once but keep it safe at home.
2 – Prioritize spending. I should know beforehand what I need to buy by making a list.
3 – Never to go to shopping marts (where they keep things in racks and people roam around), instead go to the neighbourhood grocery store where you ‘ask’ the shopkeeper what you need.
4 – Improve my haggling skills.
5 – Be more aware of the prices of grocery items as each shop tend to offer these at different rates.
6 – Try to find the shops who tend to sell these at wholesale prices.
7 – Try to eat at home most of time. Instead of acting like a stubborn asshole by ‘not liking’ what mom cooked, i should be thankful that i got some home-made food. (too hard to follow, but can at least give it a try)
8 – Try public transport on my way back. Can’t do it while going to work but i surely can dump taxi/rickshaw while coming back home.
9 – Should start maintaining histories of spending so that i get a more comprehensive data instead of mental notes on what were the major sources of expenses.

I got to give it a try, see if it ever helps. Even following one of these ’self-thought’ tips might help me save precious money.

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