From the diary of a free man

I stretched my legs in front of my comfortable airplane seat that i was boarded on. Chartered jet – such a privilege. Picked up my favorite brand of cigars and let the smoke drift idly in the cabin. My plane had been airborne for quite some time and i had already crossed the border away from the land of chaos (ironically known as the land of the pure). My mission – despite of its questionable success – had been finished.

Oh yeah, let me introduce myself. I go by different names…. but for you fuckers, its Raymond Davis. I was the state guest from 27th January, 2011 till (i wont disclose my real date of departure). I had to stay in that shithole country of yours just because i had put some bullets in some of your cheapass goons who thought a white main could be an easy prey for them… fuckers didn’t know i taught Rambo how to shoot. All the time, me and my government tried to convince your mongrel of a government (‘pakistani government’ is such a funny oxymoron) that keeping me bound is of no good to them and that i need to be let go for the greater good of bilateral relations but the resistance came from those stinky bearded hyenas who always tend to play with your perverted minds by using shit like ‘honor’ and ‘sovereignty’, thus delaying my freedom for quite some weeks.

But we found a solution in the very thing you pakis claim to keep closer to anything – Your very own religion! Blood money is the thaaangggggg… bitches! yeahhhh.. so the religion says that if the next of kins of the deceased agree to take money in replacement of the life lost, the killer is free to go… and we the US of A have no shortage of money for you cheap drooling asses. One of our legislators once publically said that ‘Pakis are such a nation that they would proudly sell their own money for a few bucks’. I am so impressed by the insight of that fellow whose predictions hold true for this nation in any time of the year.

So, it was not a son who sold his mom for a few $$$, but rather other way round. and I would say it was a wise decision… The one who had to die a brutal death, died… the rest should cash the situation…. and they did. As a parting gift we gave them US nationalities too for being such a cooperative bunch of beggars. We are the men of our words and a nice residence at Guantanamo Bay awaits you for the rest of your lives.

As far as the ever-protesting mulla party go… ON YOUR FACE LOSERS! NOW TRY CHANGE THE SYSTEM THAT GOT ME FREE… FUCKING HYPOCRITES. You fuckers can continue killing your own kinsmen in the name of God’s laws… while the very laws make me go free. keep protesting, keep killing yourself, keep burning flags and effigies… I dont give a rat’s ass about it.


Well, thats all about it. No hard feelings, right? sometimes think you are winning… the rest of the times you just lose. but you can’t challenge god… and it turns out our lord in the white house was more powerful than yours.

‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now, …. And this bird you can not change


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