I am alive

Yeah, much to your disappointment, I am alive.
These terrorists’ bombings, mafia-style target killings, special ops military operations and these all famous drone attacks couldn’t eliminate me yet.
When you are living in the land of the pure and dont update your online presence to any visitors, its highly likely that you have perished (instead of being on a hiatus). So here I am updating those occasional passer-bys that i exist… still.

It has been a very very long time since i posted an entry so consider this one a filler to what i have been upto the past two months or so. well, i have been upto nothing at all… lol! yeah i wasted lots of time in the beginning and now i am buried till neck in work.

My project for one year has started and its already making me work till 8 in the evening. (darn, i miss those days when i used to skip work at 5). Though a good thing is that i have started to avail the gym facility on the 26 floor of the building and working out on the top of the city has a charm of its own.
In April, I got certified in DB2 database administration exam which would look good in my resume. Looking forward to appear in another exam by the end of this month… hopefully.

Got a few extra projects too which i am managing in whatever time i could get. lets hope they pay off in the end.

while life in general, it sucks. life in a relationship… it sucks even more. That reminds me, i need to confront my mother on some major issues tomorrow. lets hope i have to balls to discuss.

Well, all for now. will be posting something more real soon (hopefully in the next two days or so)


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Random passer-by May 17th, 2011 at 5:49 pm

As if people give a shit to your ranting, eh?

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