Meeting the rightful ower: An Account

In Pakistan (especially in Karachi), buying a cell phone means accepting the predefined clause:

“This cell phone is being handed over to you as an ‘amanat’ (to be kept in your custody till original owner asks you to return it) and soon the original owner will contact you to hand over to him”.

Accepting this clause (willingly or unwillingly) and keeping it in their minds all the times, millions of people go out of their homes every day with a consistent thought that today might be the day when the original owner of this cell phone will walk to them and ask them to hand over their phones to them along with any other belongings in lieu of fee for using someone else’s phone all this time.

Without any exceptions, the day came for me too… and it was the lovely evening of the 14th of June when I left for home on a public bus. My 3 month old blackberry (which i had waited for almost an eternity to get) was smiling, blinking in my trouser pocket. Never had I known that the owner of the cell phone had finally caught up with me and was riding the same bus as I was. My bad luck, I hadn’t known that the honoured person was there until he took out his licence to collect mine and everyone else’s cell phone. The silver gleam of the licence, and authority in the voice was enough to hypnotize everyone on the bus and he commanded:
“I, have come to thee to have you fulfil thy promise to hand me over what is rightfully mine”

With that, he asked his associate to start the hand-over process which was completed without any hindrance. I was so obedient and willing to handover the burden of amanat to his rightful owner that i myself took out my device and shoved it in his hands as if it was not the phone but the dreaded ‘the one ring’ of Sauron that had brought all the misery upon me and the world i lived in.

My benefactor (whose name i have forgotten due to stressful work schedule of mine) was so pleased by my obedience that he even etched my initials along with his on his arms in a pattern similar to:

B + <His Initials> = Perfect Business Partnership.

Later on, when it was time to part, he looked back at me patted my shoulders which felt relieved and said: “Nice doing business with you, and I expect similar cooperation from you in our next joint venture”
Considering myself the luckiest man alive, a sudden angelic smile spread on my face and I nodded in acknowledgement for the honour was all mine to have assisted the great man.

And so, the big burden was lifted from my frail shoulders and I now walk the earth like the lightest thing ever to exist in this mortal world.

–The End–

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