The Road So Far

I started this year on a high ground, and looking around made me believe that the world around me has become clear to me. It wasn’t until I started traveling the winding path downwards that i realized that the verdant pastures i saw beyond were in fact marshy lands and the path which seemed no tougher than a grey gravel street from up there was in fact an uneven terrain.

Well, Here I am now…  a traveler on this road crossing hurdles and trying to be enjoying myself and recalculating what i had thought i would have been able to do this year.

So, below is a set of resolutions I made earlier this year, and their half-yearly review:

1 – Buy a car:
This is the very item i was sure i must buy before half the year was over… and it turns out it has become the biggest pain in my arse as I still am unclear how to take it further. Twice during this period I have reviewed my budget and raised it but still it seems like desirable cars are still out of reach.

2 – Pass a Certification Exam: 
After a rusty period of 3 years i finally started appearing in certification exams and so far passed four of them…. far more than what i thought i would be able to do earlier in the year.Thanks to massive discounts our company hands out to people appearing in exams… So i think i might be able to round up two more exams by the time this year is over.

3 – Change my goddamn cellphone: 
hah! Been there, done that!
If you have to ask in short, the above line would suffice. I managed to buy myself a blackberry and it remained one of my dearest companion till the fateful night it parted.

So, I am back to square one. and this chapter has been closed right here until i gather more courage.

4 – Hit a Gym and get in some decent shape: 
Yup!  started going to gym earlier in the year, stopped going there for nearly two months before i started again at a separate gym two months back. My work schedule is the biggest hurdle in me getting in there and working out. But as long as you manage to go there thrice a week, its all good. Though no swimming activity for me … yet.

5 – Feed one hungry a day (at the least)  
The only resolution that makes me feel good about my miserable existence. So far, so good.

6 – Learn something new – non techy thingy  
Finally!!! i mustered up some courage and bought myself a guitar… plucked keys for a few days till i got hold of a guy who now teaches me how to play a guitar. Its just the beginning but hopefully by the time i finish off this year, i will be able to do some serious music.

7 – Spend some time with family.   
Dont know why, but i think i am failing in this. ‘nuff said!.

8 – For the love of god, solve this Rubick cube of mine  
Still haven’t even touched it since the start of this year.

9 – Recurring tasks   
Watch new movies, explore new music genres, bang my head hard listening to heavy metal, read more books,  dream about more $$$, keep blogging, keep tweeting…. etc
oh yeah!  i even started going to cinema to watch movies… and god! it is fun.

So, that wraps it up. A few things done, a few things yet to be started … and … something started on the wrong foot, screwed up further as we got along and now its worth forgetting and moving on. Moving on is the key, how you move on is your choice.

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