One (Last) Day

“What would you do if you are revealed the fact that you have only one day to live?”

This is the question, we over-worked, entertainment deprived corporate slaves ask ourselves and each others.

as expected, most of the people whom i asked this question strongly desired to quit their jobs, wave a middle finger to the management and spend the rest of the day (read: remaining time alive) with families or go bowling etc.

Although this choice seems to be the most rational one, i sometimes wonder why would they opt for this? why spend the whole day idling with family and friends? wouldn’t this unexpected behavior freak themselves and their family out?

Frankly speaking, I might as well take the same path but the non-conformist inside of me argues. just listen to what it says:

If you have forced yourself into slavery so that your family can have a better life, then why break free from it for one day? Since working each day promises a monetary return, you should consider working your ass off for this last day too so that once you disintegrate into oblivion, your family could cherish whatever meager additional income comes their way. Although they would mercilessly consume this money, and would call you a workaholic who never cared enough for them… your rotting carcass, your scarred soul would have a winning smile because you know why you took those actions.

But, since we never really know when our time would end (unless you have planned to jump off a building after reading this) we continue with our business-as-usual and even the most caring types – who would do anything to have some last memories with their loved ones – end up in the same fate as the ones described by the other side of me… and this is how the wheel of time continues to turn.


P.S: After writing and reviewing this post, i dont know why the f**k i wrote it. I am not trying to make a point here at all… i somehow lost the whole concept.

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