The parting gift (A very short story)

“I know, leaving you will rip my heart apart”, she repeated this sentence umpteenth time while stuffing her belonging in the brand new suitcase she had brought while I was out at work.
“But, thinking over our past disagreements, and what the future holds for our respective lives, I believe its not feasible that we continue”.
All this time I was standing dumbstruck in the doorway with glazed eyes watching her wrap up her life from ours, imagining about the dark and lifeless future that i am to spend if she left.
she rattled for a few more minutes still apologetic of her action through the lines of ‘its not you, its me’ then straightened up to lift her suitcase.
“I’m sorry”, she muttered again as I stepped aside to let her through the doorway. “This is ripping my heart apart, but we will eventually end up having a wonderful life in our own way”.
She started to move away from me, my life…… and this was when i picked up my hunting knife and shoved it in her back.
“I will rip your heart out, just like you wanted…. “, my last words to her were as penetrating as the wound from my knife. The knife got in, her life escaped out…. She would never leave me now…

[This is a work of fiction, may be inspired by a few movies/stories that i've already read. Any resemblance to a person, living or dead, is coincidental]

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Nilay February 24th, 2012 at 9:45 pm

You killed it brother! nice write up, refreshed my mood…cheers :) )

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