Y U No Get Married?

“Janab, aap shadi kyun nahi kartay?”

This question follows me like a guided missile. whether I am at work, some family gathering, or any get together among friends. Most of the time this question gets thrown at me after they get to know my age (or years of experience – which roughly translates to one’s age as well).
Coping, dodging and answering these questions has now become a part of my life. And normally, i try to smile off this question quietly or answer this question in a comical way so that the conversation gets diverted away. Below are some of the common replies:

1 – The world is ending in 2012, why bother now?    [Edit: This answer was applicable before 21st of December, 2012 – the proposed apocalypse date… too bad, i have to invent a new reply now]

2 – One of my past girlfriends escaped my axe, no further assignments till i am through with that matter

3 – Interior Minister has banned my marriage [Context: here, here, and here]

4 – Abhi Ilaaj chal raha hai *wink*

5 – Me getting married is a sign of Qayamat. In the benefit of human race, i have decided to stay single

6 – Let this damn project finish *smash your fingers on the keyboard* [A great weapon to be used when some client’s personnel ask you this silly question]

7 – I just spent a fortune buying a fleshlight. It needs to be properly used! *wink* [Clarification: I do not own a fleshlight. but I want to… as soon as I figure out where to hide one]

8 – I can’t betray my hand.

9 – I watch a hollywood movie daily, I can’t become a character in a star plus drama.

10 – Whats gonna happen to all those tube sites who get most of their traffic from my computer?

… and lastly:

11 – My computer is my real life partner.


These stupid statements are a reply to what i consider stupid questions. Though the success rate of getting away with the question is as high as 95%, the void inside of me seems to grow after every such answer….

*sigh* life is hard for a single man over 30 in the land of the pure :-/

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