Goodbye 2012

With premature ejaculators already firing their fireworks well before midnight, I recall what a dreaded year this has been, living on the edge every single day with the fear of the unknown, leaving for work and wondering whether i will get back with all my belongings, or even get back at all. Now that the clock has safely past the midnight mark, I am proudly claiming that “I HAVE SURVIVED 2012, I HAVE WON!”.

You have tested me countless time, made me bang my head against walls, desks and keyboards in frustration.. you have made me act like a dumb asshole at the most awkward moments… but all these tests, these frustrating moments were met with somewhat resistance from my end as well. I worked hard, and got somewhat recognition for it as well, I ventured out to explore new fun places with whatever time i got out of my hectic work life, I watched lots of new movies, read new books, explored new music, took long bus trips, added more miles to my car’s odometer, tasted the joy of flight not once, but twice and went out into open sea and explored the coral reef. All of this couldn’t be possible without the support of my family and loyal friends who stayed by my side at most of the places i ventured into.

and so this post goes out to those who stayed around wherever i was, whether at work or at some fancy restaurant or at a lousy traffic jam, I write to you to say a very happy new year to almost all of you and a big “FUCK YOU” to the select few whom i don’t want to interact with… ever!

…and thank you 2012, You were competitive, but not competitive enough to kill me. Just get out of my sight, you miserable year.

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