Douchebaggery Level: Pakistan

Those living in Pakistan must have seen the drama on TV when some douchebag drove right into the high security zone in Islamabad and started an armed sit-in…. after hours of negotiations and helplessness, it took a bloody civilian to step up and grab the guy before our police could take any further action and nab that asshole.

That particular incident actually represents what is wrong with this country:

1 – Self-righteous assholes who think that they can do whatever they want by holding an armed weapon

2 – Incompetent security personnel (especially police) who are not capable of doing what they are supposed to do at check posts.

3 – Insane media, who would go any depth to create sensationalism and ensure their lame-ass conspiracy theories are proved by equally lame-ass evidence

4 – And lastly, civilians who are not only frustrated by the ongoing violence in the country but also delusional after watching so much action flicks that they would rather take matters into their own hands without realizing that a single bullet could end their life then and there.


Anyways, all’s well that ends well… but that is yet another proof how badly fucked-up we are.

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