High on cheap glue, We judge blue meth

As Breaking Bad comes to a series finale in the coming weeks, some people in my circle are becoming aware of its existence. Despite me being a fanboy of the series, sometimes i find myself in a deep confusion on what to tell them when they ask about the context.

He: “Hey, I think i should start watching Breaking Bad”.

Me: “Now?”, “its the last season”

He: “Just tell me what it is all about?”

Me: “ummm… its about a good-guy-turned-bad, chemistry guru who decided to start producing drugs to get rich”

He: “and…?”

Me: “Nothing much, just their day-to-day endeavors, and challenges they encounter during the process”

He: “Is that it? and its famous just because of this?”

Me: “yeah?…”

He: “I think i shall pass, doesn’t sound too exciting to me”


I guess i am not convincing enough… but seriously, i would only advice such jerks to not bother watching this show, Heisenberg and Gang is just too awesome to be experienced by these A-holes.

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