Learning Earl Grey

Its night time, and its one of those nights when i have the opportunity to sip a cup of Earl Grey after a long hard day. Earl Grey is just awesome to taste and I really enjoy sipping it. But there are some funny memories associated with this type of tea as well, primarily due to my lack of knowledge how to make a cup of Earl Grey.

Well, i hail from a family who hasn’t known any other tea but black tea, and the same was transferred to me. The only types of teas i ever experienced most part of my life as our good old black tea with milk and green tea (lemon, jasemine etc). I was naturally surprised and curious when someone gave me some teabags of Earl Grey a couple of years back. I closely examined them, they looked black so i tried to brew then the desi way. poured hot water over it, added milk and sugar and sipped my new tea….
YUCK!!! that tasted like i was drinking from a cup not thoroughly rinsed after being washed by dishwasher liquid. it smelled of “Lemon Max” and probably tasted like it too… and the color was not really dark either.   I thought that my cup was REALLY not rinsed thoroughly so i drained it down the sink and tried to make it again.

Nopes, same fuggly taste, … then I realized that perhaps the tea actually tastes like this and i really didn’t like this taste.

Then, months later, i realized that i was doing it wrong… it was supposed to be made WITHOUT milk.



Since that discovery, Earl Grey has earned itself a prominent spot in the kitchen cabinet where i keep my teas.


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