So, what will you miss?

A little over a month ago, i parked my car in the driveway. The clock on my car’s dashboard glowed around 2:30 AM before i killed the engine. I had just dropped my pal from other city off to his hotel, and prior to this us both and some of our other friends had a boys’ night out at various cafes and sheesha joints. I sighed and stepped out of the car, something inside of me was restless and was trying to ask me something. I listened….

“Under the current circumstances, what are you going to miss in the coming weeks, months.. years?”

“My social life, i guess”, i replied to the inner self. “I will miss these late night outings and these impromptu dining sessions at a minute’s notice”.

“Still sure you want to proceed?”, it asked me again.

“Doesn’t matter what i think now, i made this choice months ago”, i replied, resigned to my fate.

“So be it”, said the inner voice and went silent.

I tried to speak to it again, it wasn’t available anymore that night.

I hit the bed, and the day was over.





Aaand the next day, i got married. That old life is just a brilliant memory now.

Game Over.

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