Thanks for visiting this website. I am Burhan Ahmad Farooqi. I am a technology consultant based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Since 2002, I have been actively involved in the software development industry and have worked on a diverse nature of software and providing competitive advantage to small and medium businesses by providing them with high performance software systems.

My primary area of expertise is development using Microsoft technologies like VB6, .NET Framework, ASP.net, SQL Server etc. However, I am also well versed with lots of other technologies.
I am also actively involved in System Analysis, Software Architecture, Enterprise Integration and Project Management.

My site will also host a blog where I will be regularly posting my thoughts on various issues – from technological to personal and sometimes even political. I have been blogging on other sites as well and you can read my blog posts at:

http://burhansays.wordpress.com (that contains my blog posts imported from my very first Windows Live Spaces account. This is no longer updated)


http://burhanahmad.wordpress.com (My blog archive since 2008 or so and updated with the most recent entries)

I am also found on twitter with the user name @burhaan. visit my twitter feed at: http://twitter.com/burhaan

I love to meet and interact with new people, If you are interested in getting to know me better or if you seek any professional advice or counseling, feel free to contact me via this website.

Thanks again for reading all this.